Prevent Flooding with a Backwater Valve

If you’ve been flooded in the past or currently live in an area that’s at risk of flooding, you know how devastating it can be. Fortunately, the risk of future flooding can be significantly reduced with the installation of a Backwater Valve, a simple flood prevention device that is installed on your sewer line protecting your home from city sewage back up.

In fact, in most municipalities in Canada it’s now a code requirement for new homes to have a Backwater Valve installed. That’s because these devices have proven time and time again to be incredibly effective in minimizing the chance of flooding occurring inside a home.


How Does It Work?


During a flood, sewer pipes and storm drains are often too small to deal with the excess water and, as a result, water can flow back up through your pipes and into your home. A Backwater Valve prevents this from happening by sealing off your sanitary lines and storm lines when floodwater pressure builds. Water flows out, but never gets in. It’s that simple. A Backwater Valve is durable, requires no electricity or power, and is easy to install and maintain.

Cost Often Covered By Municipality

In many cases, your local municipality may even cover the cost of your Backwater Valve.

Consult your local municipality and ask them about their protective plumbing program.

Ready to Protect Your Home?