Here Are Some Commonly Asked Questions

Many homeowners are not aware that while their insurance will pay out for flood damage, there can be strict penalties for filing those claims. After an initial claim, the policy owner may be suspended from coverage for up to twelve months. A second claim can be up to a three-year suspension, and a third claim may entitle the insurance company to drop the policy holder for life.
Typically, the type of flood damage that may be prevented by a Backwater Valve installation is unrelated to any defect in the properties structure. Rather, this type of flooding occurs due to the underlying structures over which homeowners have no control – such as the pipelines for water and sewage – and occurs when residential areas essentially “out grow” the underlying structures. Because this is a problem that is nearly impossible for your local municipality to go back and fix, a Backwater Valve is a relatively simple step towards protecting residential structures from flood damage.
No. However, a Backwater Valve may provide the best opportunity for protection a homeowner can take against flooding. In fact, as a result of the positive impact the installation of Backwater Valves is having on home protection, new legislation now requires all new homes being built to have these valves installed as standard elements to the residential structure.
Yes. And, as part of our FREE consultation service, one of our qualified team members will explain exactly what Backwater Valve installation will mean in terms of removal and replacement of existing types of flooring and structures (vanity, carpet etc.). In most cases, our team is able to remove existing items and replace them back to their original standard at no extra cost to the home owner.
The application process is thorough. However, our team of experts are here to walk you through the process at no cost to yourself. Assistance with the application process does not obligate the homeowner to choose Protective Plumbing Canada as their installation providers.
No. There are many companies who require full or partial payment up-front for the installation work. Our company will bill you when you have received the funds to cover the work from the grant bursary program.
Depending on your home, the installation process may take two steps. Simply stated, your home may require both inside and outside work, or inside work only. The inside portion of the work will take 3-4 hours, unless additional work for finished basement is required. The outside work will take 2 hours.
The average hole is approximately 4 foot by 4 foot. Our team of experts replace the soil removed and add top soil and sod as required to restore your yard to its previous standard.
Not usually. Your local municipality takes each application on a case-by-case basis and has their own set of standards for approval. However, each case is based on the risk of flood for the area, not just on whether the property owner has already incurred damage.

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